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June 26, 2009


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Chris Bigenho

Mindmeister is a wonderful tool. I introduced it to a teacher last year who wanted to use it live in the class with multiple students editing the map at the same time during class using laptops. Our first tool was It looked like it would work. However, when we got to the classroom, only one person could edit the map at a time. That is when I stumbled upon Mindmeister. We tested it outside of class then took it to the students where 5 to 6 groups of students were working on the same map simultaneously. It was flawless in performance and fun to watch as the entire class was mapping their understanding of a book they had just read for a literature class.

If you like Mindemeister, you might also want to try XMind as a client based application. It is free, open-source, very powerful and looks a lot like Mindmeister.

Brian S Friedlander

I also teach graduate courses in educational technology and am a big fan of mind mapping. I use it daily in my classes and teach my students how to use it in their classrooms. I have a blog that follows the mind mapping arena that you may be interested in following at:


Scott Mortensen

Us visual navigators thank you.

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